h2>Europe Trend Week 46

The supply to the European markets is slightly more moderate this week. On the one hand, volumes from Colombia and Costa Rica are beginning their seasonal fall. However, incoming Ecuadorian shipments still remain high because of shipments being focused on Europe. On the other hand, the French West Indies supply has had a one-off low week (24% below average). In addition, the African supply is back into shortfall; so the combined Africa/FWI supply remains 9 % below average.
In parallel, demand in Western Europe remains quiet, though the many promotions are finally helping ease the stocks in certain countries. On the East European markets, demand has continued to pick up considerably.
Hence prices have strengthened slightly in certain countries, albeit maintaining below-average levels (-15%), especially in Eastern Europe where they are still remarkably low.
In Russia, the improvement is continuing, because of more dynamic demand in the run-up to the Orthodox holidays.