Fruitnet Daily News: Chile assesses impact of storms; Hortgro campaign kicks off again; Chile hails improved access to Indonesia

Chile assesses impact of storms
Asoex said it hopes to have a full evaluation of the crop damage by next week

Hortgro campaign kicks off again
Chile hails improved access to Indonesia

South African marketing initiative is ready for round eleven in the UK for 2018/19

After more than eight years of negotiations, Chilean fruit will be permitted to enter the country through the Port of Jakarta

Jupiter expands with ‘major’ South African acquisition
Pacific worker limit increased in NZ

Shropshire-based grower and trader Jupiter Group has purchased the majority share in RSA company Bonaire
Ahead of the fruit harvest season, the New Zealand government has upped seasonal worker numbers

SE Asia tests Dairy Farm mettle
USA Pears ready for World Pear Day

Dairy Farm International grocery sales and profits fell in South-east Asia this year due to rising operating costs

Consumers will be able to taste US-grown pears via pop-up events in more than 24 countries on 1 December

Fresh State calls for clarity on review
Debbie Robinson takes new head retail role

Representative body demands answers from Victorian Minister for Agriculture ahead of state election
Former Spar boss is named as new chief executive at the Central England Co-operative

DR looks to increase pineapple exports
Korean governments say it with produce
The fruit is one of several products identified by the government with good potential

A delivery of mandarins from Seoul to North Korea is latest gesture of goodwill

Seeka raises capital to fund expansion
Marton Beres joins Sinclair
Through a new capital raising strategy Seeka plans to gather NZ$50m (US$33m) to pay debts and fund growth

Beres is part of growth plans and will manage key regional customers

Honduras targets eastern European banana market
Japan opens to Egypt
Banana shipments forecast to reach US$650m in 2018, making them the second biggest export after coffee

A number of vegetables, as well as melons and dates have been granted access from Egypt into Japan

China to import Kenyan produce
Stargrow signs Lesotho deal
New agreement will increase trade for Kenya whose key items are fruit, vegetables and flowers
South African group agrees deal to help improve Lesotho’s agricultural industry

Mercadona, Ikea top consumer confidence poll
Kenya enjoys European avo demand
Retailers were the best rated companies by Spanish consumers in a new study by Grass Roots and DEC

The news that avocado consumption continues to grow is exciting growers in Kenya

Colombian blues chase new markets
Ahold Delhaize expands into robotics
With planted area projected to reach 1,500ha in 2021, producers are courting buyers in Europe and the US

Retailer partners with Delft University of Technology for research and robotics development

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Mexico counts cost of avocado strike
Trade war brings uncertainty to Oakland
Charges laid over strawberry saga
Optimism remains in Florida

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PBR case before NZ court
Revenue up, EBIT down at BayWa
Budgens flies plastic-free flag
More Chilean cherries heading for South Korea

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Production & Trade
Hot weather drives Sainsbury’s sales

Chile kicks off blueberry campaign

SunMoon ‘digitalises’ Fuji apples

Latin America sets out stall at CIIE

US likely to lose market share in China

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