Europe Trend Week 47

Although levels remain substantial, the supply is continuing to gradually subside. On the one hand African volumes are in shortfall again this week (-17%), while the FWI supply remains moderate. On the other hand, for the dollar banana, the seasonal fall in Colombia and Costa Rica is continuing, with average levels, while Ecuador trade is very much favouring the European market.
However, the distinct recovery in demand from Eastern Europe and Russia has been confirmed. In Western Europe, the situation is less clear-cut: sales are slowly getting moving in Italy, while they remain sluggish in Germany. Remarkably, the French market has been greatly disrupted by social action affecting logistics.
Hence in the context of a lighter supply, stocks are tending to dwindle, depending on the markets, yet prices are maintaining below-average levels.
In Russia, prices are continuing to strengthen, although more moderately, thanks to this livelier demand. The Spanish market is maintaining its stability and high prices.