Europe Trend Week 48

Improvement on the East European markets starting to extend to the west.

On the one hand, the overall supply has continued to shrink. However, volumes from Ecuador are still above-average (+8%) because of its trade policy favouring the EU. However, Colombia and Costa Rica are continuing their seasonal falls, with near-average levels. In addition, the African supply remains in shortfall (6% below average), despite the Ivorian and Ghanaian production peaks. On the other hand, demand is continuing to improve on the East European markets in the run-up to the Saint Nicholas holidays, while prices are strengthening. Which has helped ease saturation on the West European markets: in Germany and Italy, the markets are starting to recover a better balance, prices are strengthening slightly, though they are still below average. The only fly in the ointment is France, where prices are stagnant because of logistics disrupted by the ongoing social movement.
In Russia, the larger volumes have not been matched by demand, and prices are dropping.
In Spain, the market remains stable, with prices still high.