Europe Trend Week 12 - Fruitrop

Europe Trend Week 12

In the face of the coronavirus crisis, demand distinctly brisker this week.

On the majority of the West European markets (France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom), the markets have had to face an explosion in demand on the yellow banana segment, due to the implementation of various measures to limit the expansion of COVID-19.

Hence the majority of volumes available have been forwarded to the supermarket sector, and the market has been operating on a just-in-time basis, with stocks disappearing.

) In Spain, and in particular in Italy, where the epidemic is at its greatest extent, the market has regained some stability after last week’s sales peak. Regarding the green banana supply, logistical flows are secure. The dollar banana supply is registering near-average levels because of subsiding Colombian volumes (end of shipments peak), weighted by Ecuador’s progress. Regarding Africa and the French West Indies, the combined supply remains very moderate.

The overall African supply remains 5 % below average, while FWI volumes have registered a slight increase, albeit they remain below their 2015 average. However, some unloading / congestion concerns are starting to be felt in certain ports, because of reduced personnel levels (especially in Vado).

In Eastern Europe, the market is still being disrupted by the lack of lorries and increased border inspections, which is making fruit shipments more difficult.

In Russia, the collapse of the rate of the rouble, combined with the health crisis, is continuing to send prices falling.