Europe Trend Week 09

European market maintaining its improving trend, though without regaining its spectacular 2018 performance.

Dollar banana volumes are still limited, in particular Ecuadorian volumes: after several weeks of heavy incoming shipments, the last 2 weeks have brought levels 11% below average. In addition, Colombian volumes are embarking on their seasonal increase, albeit at levels 12% below average, still for climate reasons (drought). At the same time, the African supply also remains in shortfall (9% below average) despite the beginning of the Ivorian seasonal increase, with average levels (+3%).

Hence the markets are continuing to tighten up despite demand being stable (France, Italy) or improving (Germany, Eastern Europe). In this context the general price trend is upward, although they are maintaining below-average levels still.

In Russia, despite big volumes this week, prices have continued their rise thanks to demand remaining dynamic.

In Spain, the market remains stable, although platano volumes are embarking on an increase. .