Europe Trend Week 17

Despite moderate volumes, European market continuing its gentle decline.

On the one hand, although volumes from Ecuador remain slightly above average, the total dollar supply is moderate and stable overall. Because of the drought hitting Costa Rica, the production peak traditionally arriving at this time of year has been delayed, with smaller incoming shipments than in 2018.
In addition, volumes from Colombia are continuing to shrink, with below-average levels (-9%).
Furthermore, the African supply is still in shortfall (7% below average) because of the chronic Cameroonian shortfall.
Although Côte d’Ivoire is rising toward its peak and Ghana is in a structural growth phase, they are unable to offset the shortage of Cameroonian fruit. Hence the total supply on the European market remains relatively stable and moderate.
However, after a long Easter weekend, school holidays and the run-up to a string of public holidays, la demand seems to be registering a slowdown on the various markets. In this context yellow and green banana prices are continuing to drop slightly.
In Russia, the combination of large incoming shipments and slow demand are causing further price decreases.
In Spain, the market is stabilising steadily thanks to stable volumes.