Europe Trend Week 15

Dollar volumes are only just average this week (+2%): Ecuadorian shipments are holding stable and average levels, while the Costa Rican supply remains limited. Meanwhile, Colombia is just over its production peak, and has already dropped back to levels 10% below average because of the drought which has hit the production zones.
Regarding the African supply, the situation remains unchanged: the supply is stable and temporarily back to average levels, between the Ivorian rise and Cameroonian shortfall. The same goes for the still stable supply from the French West Indies. In addition, demand remains dynamic overall and completely satisfactory; it has been reinforced by promotions in Italy. However, despite these supply / demand parameters on a seemingly positive trend, prices are clearly dropping on most European markets (France, German free market). It would seem that the tricky sales on the East European market, which have resulted in prices falling on these markets, are having a fairly powerful knock-on effect in Western Europe, slowing down export sales. Indeed, many operators believe that this fall in Eastern Europe will bring about a repeat of the dramatic fall in prices that took place at this time of year in 2018. This speculative movement is spreading, and is hurrying them into selling all their stocks, even if it means charging much lower prices than last week. So the market is deteriorating in France and Germany, while the Italian market is managing to maintain some stability.
In Spain, prices are continuing to fall in the face of ongoing weak demand, and speculation there too.
In Russia, prices are continuing to decrease despite stable volume volumes.