Europe Trend Week 14

However, the overall supply has remained relatively stable and moderate, despite some logistical disruptions from the dollar origins. Although Colombia is still at peak production, it is registering similar levels to previous years. In addition, Ecuadorian export volumes are maintaining near-average levels. Furthermore, the Costa Rican supply remains in shortfall because of a historically acute dry season (impact of El Niño).
As regards Africa, the ongoing Cameroonian shortfall still cannot be offset by the combined Ghana/Côte d’Ivoire supply, even though Côte d’Ivoire is climbing toward peak production and Ghana is in a structural growth phase.
In Western Europe, demand remains satisfactory, unlike in Eastern Europe where it is continuing to slow down. Hence a slight saturation is making itself felt on the export markets, causing a slight dip in prices on the European market as a whole.
In Spain, platano volumes are maintaining average levels, while prices are maintaining their downward trend.
In Russia, given the slowdown in demand, prices are decreasing.