Europe Trend Week 10

Stability now prevailing overall throughout the European market.

As regards the supply, the dollar banana is back to a higher level. The supply from Ecuador to Europe has regained average levels, while Colombian volumes have reached their peak with average levels after a period of shortfall (drought). Nonetheless, the combined African supply is still 8% below average levels.
Cameroon still has cumulative volumes 32% below average, while the Ivoirian supply is only average (+3%). Finally, as for the French West Indies, the supply remains stable overall. Meanwhile, demand remains in place, lively and satisfactory, as per usual for this time of year. Hence the surplus volumes from Ecuador have generally been readily absorbed, but at some cost: the German market remains stable, though the improvement in prices on the French and Italian prices has paused.
In Spain, prices are continuing to drop given the lack of demand. In Russia, the improvement is continuing thanks to demand remaining dynamic.
However, on the East European markets, the supply is swelling and prices are falling.