Europe Trend Week 16

West European markets maintaining some stability, while Eastern Europe seeing deterioration easing.

Demand remains satisfactory overall, while the overall supply has maintained stable near-average levels.
Although Ecuadorian volumes have risen temporarily, the Costa Rican supply remains moderate and Colombia is continuing its fall, with levels in shortfall (-8% below average).
In parallel, the African supply is temporarily near-average this week. Côte d’Ivoire’s rise toward peak production (with above-average levels), on top of the Ghanaian supply being bigger than in other years, have helped offset the Cameroonian shortfall.
Finally, as regards the French West Indies, shipments have remained stable and similar to previous weeks. Hence on the West European markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain), prices are stable. In Eastern Europe, prices are continuing to fall in a sluggish consumption climate.
In Russia, despite stable volume prices are continuing to decrease. Finally, in Spain, thanks to a temporary fall in platano volumes, prices are stabilising.