Europe Trend Week 20

All European markets maintaining good balance thanks to good demand and a limited supply.

Because of the rather cool spring temperatures right across Europe, demand has remained dynamic in both the East and West. Most of all, the overall supply to the European market has remained rather light this week. As regards the dollar zone, volumes from Colombia are continuing to subside week after week, with levels 10% below average. In addition, because of the historic drought hitting the country, shipments from Costa Rica are still limited. Finally, the Ecuadorian supply has also registered below-average levels. Furthermore, the overall African supply has also been limited this week (11% below average). Cameroonian volumes have remained in shortfall, while Ivorian volumes have been temporarily smaller (ship turnaround). Volumes from the French West Indies have remained stable and moderate overall.
In this context prices have overall maintained stable and near-average levels (-2%).
In Spain alone, prices have continued to dip because of demand slowing more significantly, with the arrival of good weather, and because of rising platano volumes.
On the Russian market, smaller volumes plus strong demand have helped prices strengthen