Europe Trend Week 23

Balance holding up in Western Europe thanks to below-average volumes, while East European market starting to dip

The dollar supply has proven limited again this week. On the one hand, the Colombian seasonal fall is ongoing with levels still below average (-3%), and Costa Rica again registering below-average levels. On the other hand, although undergoing structural growth of around +2%, Ecuadorian exports have been more restrained these past two weeks.
Similarly, in Africa, the overall supply is back below average (end of Ivorian peak, chronic shortfall from Cameroon, logistical turnaround).
Finally, volumes from the French West Indies remain stable overall, though still with below-average levels. Green banana demand still seems satisfactory in Western Europe, while a good market balance has been maintained, with stable prices.
However, in Eastern and Southern Europe, demand is starting to dip because of the more summery temperatures, and with local seasonal fruits coming into their own, at more competitive prices. Hence prices on these markets are dropping.
Finally, in Russia, although prices are starting to fall, they are still satisfactory overall.