Heatwave hastening the advent of the summer tempo, with market worn out.

The overall supply has to be content with a very modest level again this week. Incoming dollar banana shipments remain very limited, mainly because of the seasonal fall from Colombia and lean volumes from Costa Rica.

Meanwhile the African supply remains restrained overall (10% below average); Cameroon remains in shortfall, while the Ivorian seasonal fall is ongoing; only Ghana is seeing a slight increase in volumes.

Finally, the French West Indies are currently experiencing their seasonal fall, with levels still in shortfall (29% below average).

However, the market under-supply is not managing to establish stability in the face of constantly decreasing demand. The high temperatures seen last week have very much drained demand, already hard hit by the school holidays and the arrival of seasonal fruits.

Hence prices are continuing to collapse, although they are nonetheless maintaining above-average levels (+11%).

Nonetheless, the moderate incoming shipments are restricting stocks formation, and the European market remains sound overall.

The Russian market, although spared by the heat, is continuing to see its prices drop, albeit maintaining levels well above average (+51%!). The Spanish market is continuing to swell with the start of the school holidays.