Europe Trend Week 26

Summer slowdown starting to make itself felt on the European market, where the balance is weakening.

However, the overall supply has again registered limited levels. Incoming shipments from the dollar origins are moderate because of the seasonal fall from Colombia and ongoing restrained volumes from Costa Rica.
In addition, the French West Indies are starting their seasonal fall, with levels well below average (-39%).
Finally the African supply too remains stable and limited. Incoming Cameroonian shipments are still in shortfall, while the Ivorian seasonal fall is ongoing, though it is still being offset by larger Ghanaian volumes.
However, the summery temperatures scorching right across Europe have led to a slowdown in sales. In addition, the school holidays have already begun in Italy, in certain parts of Germany and in Eastern Europe.
Hence, as usual at this time of year, demand is continuing to gradually dip, switching toward seasonal fruits. Hence prices are starting to fall on all the European markets, though they remain above average (+10%). However, thanks to the modest overall supply, stocks levels are still limited.
On the Russian market, although incoming shipments have been limited, the price is continuing to drop, albeit remaining well above average (+42%!). Finally, the Spanish platano market remains swollen.