Europe Trend Week 42

However, the supply is still on the rise. Incoming shipments from Costa Rica and Colombia are at their peaks, with levels respectively 10% and 1% above average. The African supply is also booming, because of Ivorian shipments progressing to reach levels 13% above average.

However, Ecuador is continuing to scale back, with shipments to the EC market below average because of the seasonal fall and a trade policy focused on other markets. In the face of this, demand seems insufficient to absorb the incoming volumes.

Across the markets, there is a decent sales tempo for this time of year, especially since there are promotions in place in the supermarket sector.

Hence prices are maintaining stable, above-average levels (+8%). The Spanish market remains under tension for the Canaries platano, with the under-supply driving prices upward again.

In Russia, because of the social movements in Ecuador, both speculation and prices are booming.