Europe Trend Week 47

Regarding the dollar supply, there is a downward trend. Volumes from Costa Rica are continuing to subside, with average levels.

Colombian shipments are also on the wane, though levels remain above average. 

Ecuador is continuing to recede, with below-average levels (-7%).

Regarding Africa, Ivorian volumes are exhibiting some stability, but are regaining near-average levels (1% below average).

Cameroon remains in shortfall (19% below average).

Only Ghana is still at peak levels, at 24% above average. Hence the total African supply is close to average this week (-1%).

Although demand has shown nothing spectacular, it has remained decent across all the markets, coping with the incoming volumes. Hence stocks levels are under control, and prices are stable (6% above average).

However, on the Russian market, because of the heavy incoming shipments prices are continuing to collapse (20% below average).

In Spain, although sales are slow, platano prices remain high (53% above average).