Europe Trend Week 49

Prices continuing to strengthen slightly, thanks to falling overall supply.

While demand remains constant on all the European markets, the overall supply is maintaining its downward trend. Regarding the dollar supply, although Ecuador has embarked on a slight increase, volumes are continuing to recede from the EC market, because of its trade policy focusing on other markets.

In addition, Costa Rican and Colombian volumes are continuing to wane. However, Colombia is still maintaining above-average levels.

Regarding Africa, the overall supply is restrained, but is maintaining above-average levels (+8%). The combined supply of Ivorian and Ghanaian volumes (33% and 15% above average, respectively) is offsetting the Cameroonian shortfall (20% below average).

In the French West Indies, volumes are stable though still in shortfall. Finally, for the third consecutive week, there are no incoming shipments from Surinam.

Hence on the green banana market, prices have continued to strengthen (4% above average). However, on the yellow banana segment, the sales tempo is quiet, and prices stable.

On the Russian market, the decrease in volumes is helping the market pick up.

In Spain, because of rising platano volumes, prices are starting to fall, albeit they are maintaining high levels.