Europe Trend Week 09

European market regaining balance in the West, but still swollen in the East.

Generally, the effects of the logistical disruptions are gradually fading. Hence the European market is regaining a normal supply profile.

The dollar supply is continuing to climb. The Colombian shipments peak has been reached, with above-average levels; similarly, Ecuador is maintaining its surge. Regarding Africa, the overall supply remains below average (-9%) because of the shortfall from Cameroon (-15%), which cannot be offset by Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire (7% and 15% below average respectively).

). In addition, the French West Indies supply remains stable yet moderate. Apart from Italy which is a special case due to the coronavirus outbreak, demand remains satisfactory across all the West European markets, with a fluid sales tempo.

However, a large part of the excess volumes is continuing to be forwarded to Eastern Europe, contributing to prices dipping.

In Spain, platano prices are continuing to fall.

On the Russian market, the seizure of a supply ship by the Danish authorities has momentarily relieved the market, enabling prices to rally.