Europe Trend Week 11

European market managing to keep its head above water.

The market supply from the dollar origins is continuing to progress this week.

Incoming Colombian shipments are going through their peak, while Ecuadorian shipments are registering above-average lev-els. Regarding Africa, the combined Ivorian and Ghanaian supply (17% and 7% below average respectively) are not yet offsetting the limited volumes from Cameroon (-8%).

)Hence the overall African supply remains 7% below average.

Finally, shipments from the French West Indies, after a heavy carnival period, are registering a slight down-turn. Nonetheless, the balance has held up on the West European markets in spite of disruptions due to the coronavirus. In Eastern Europe, the market is continuing to swell, with prices dropping a little further.

In Spain, platano shipments are stable, as are their prices.