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Wasted Wealth

Written by Jose Fernando Gomez Rosales | viernes, 06 de junio de 2008

Ecuadorians waste their wealth. It is very hard for us to accept that God, while setting here some special people featured by the wrongful choosing of their governors and who are easily convinced of fairy tales, has also given us wealth that turn this country into an excellent place to live in. It is not only the wealth we may find in our soil, badly developed for the wellbeing of the entire country and thanks to which a few hundreds have become millionaires with transferences, irregular management, immoral agreements but with good commissions, etc.,… but because its wealth has not been appreciated by most of its habitants.

“You were the sunset at sea, that it depends on the observer, to be beautiful or vulgar”, appropriately said Jose Angel Buesa in one of his delightful poems. The beauty of our landscapes, our beaches and mountains, the warm waters of our sea, our weather, without hurricanes or tornados destroying our belongings and more, those are some of the things we have.

Not happy with that , we have received a rich land, with climates to be chosen, to grow abundantly whatever we want to sow, not only traditional foods, but also every kind of fruits, a huge variety of trees, birds, animals, that help us to live and give happiness to out lives.

Let’s talk about one sole fruit, a food that being so close to us, we let it rotten while our people are starving. I am referring to banana.

Banana is a very special fruit. It has three kinds of sugars: sucrose, fructose and glucose, which produces and instant and long load of energy. It is the number 1 fruit for sportsmen. It has fiber, which helps the intestine to move adequately. It is one of the fruits with the bigger contents of potassium, so it helps avoiding cramps. It enjoys of an important amount of all vitamins, minerals and oligoelements that are required by the human body. Some people affirm that a person may live a long time without any nutrition deficiency, only by having two foods: banana and milk. Two bananas have sufficient energy for 90 minutes of extenuating workout.

According some studies, we may affirm that banana is a fruit recommended to increase brain power in persons, apparently, having a banana with milk or yogurt, maintains a person alert and contributes to a better performance at any job. It helps to treat diseases, such as: depression (just like chocolate), as it contains tryptophan, PMS, anemia (it has an important amount of iron), constipation (high contents of fiber), physical strain, heartburn, morning sickness, neuritis, nervous breakdowns, seasonal affective disorders, work stress, it reduces risks of high blood pressure, strokes, gastric and duodenal ulcers. It may also helps in diets to reduce weight, provided that consumed calories are programmed, because it makes consumers to feel plenty. It contributes to maintain normal body temperature and to quit smoking. In the event of an emergency, the interior skin of banana may act as a mosquito and other insects repellent.

There are multiple actions of this fruit to benefit our lives, but many times it is wasted as food for animals, being incredible nourishment for humans, that must be considered by governments to be a substantial contribution in diets for students and to promote its greater consumption.



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