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Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador

Our Association represents more than 70% of banana exports from the number one country in banana exports worldwide (Ecuador), promoting the competitiveness and sustainability of the banana industry.


Promote the competitiveness, development and sustainability of the Ecuadorian banana value chain  of export at a global level, and defend the interests of its associates and adherents.


To be an organization characterized by its professional management to promote competitiveness, development, sustainability and innovation in the Ecuadorian banana value chain  from exportation.

Sobre AEBE
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our services

Guild Support & Management

All the support, representation and management required by the union is provided.

advisory  Legal

Advice , Consulting, Accompaniment, Sponsorship, Newsletters, Training.

statistics  exclusive

Exclusive access to the area, where you can find statistical reports and analysis of the sector in general.

Diffusion  of Advertising

Dissemination of advertising to our associates in all digital media of the association.

Magazines & Yearbook

Immediate access to our physical/digital magazine to all the means of diffusion used by the association


Person analyzing statistics


First banana statistical observatory in the country, which offers statistical information in real time.

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Culinary Guide

Together with the Escuela de los chefs, we created the first technical culinary guide to bananas to show the world the versatility of the fruit.


Banana Time

An international event, which takes place in Ecuador and brings together exporters and their value chain in one place.



It is our bimonthly magazine dealing with issues related to activities that have direct or indirect repercussions on the banana sector,

Banana Awards 2022.jpg

Banana Awards

Initiative that seeks to reward the sustainability and financial performance of the entire Ecuadorian banana sector.

Financial report


It is our bimonthly magazine dealing with issues related to activities that have direct or indirect repercussions on the banana sector,

our associates

partners main

 Banana Exporters of Ecuador 

partners Adherents

 Companies of the Banana Value Chain 

banana blog

social media

values that unite us

AEBE LOGO sinfondo18.png

our directory

our directory


Ing. Marianela Ubilla

President of the Board

After the vote, Eng. Marianela Ubilla was sworn in as the new president of the board of directors, thus becoming the first woman to occupy this dignity in 23 years of institutional life of our organization, the same one that brings together more than 70% of the companies. banana exporters from Ecuador.

Marianela Ubilla is an Agricultural Engineer graduated with honors from the School of Agriculture of the Humid Tropical Region - EARTH.


Ing. Ivan Wong

Vice President of the Board

Iván Wong is an Agricultural Engineer, he was director of logistics and operations of DOLE Ecuador. He was also general manager of NAPORTEC SA and POMAR SA companies dedicated to port operations and shipping agency of DOLE.

Wong held the position of Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries (MAGAP) some time ago. Currently Wong has worked for more than 10 years in the DOLE company holding the position of General Manager.


Ing. José A. Hidalgo

director  Executive

Executive Director of the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador, Former President of the Chinese Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of the Federation of Binational Chambers of Ecuador.

José Antonio, has a Master in International Relations from Peking University - China. He is the founder of the companies Asia Surveyors & Annex Asia Machinery, both domiciled in China.

Principal Directors

  • Ab. Alexander Vallecillo - CHIQUITA BANANA

  • Ing. Sandra Monroy - FRUTADELI

  • Ecc. Vicente Wong - REYBANPAC

  • Ab. Angel Punin - SABROSTAR FRUIT

  • Ing. Edmundo Uribe - TROPICALFRUIT SA

  • Ing. Fabricio Espinosa - ASOAGRIBAL

Alternate Directors

  • Ec. Ahmed Valencia - SOPRISA EXPORTER

  • Ing. Jorge Ecalada - HACIENDA CELIA MARIA

  • Ing. Jorge Alex Serrano - JASAFRUIT

  • Arch. Juan X. Falquez - PREDIFAL

  • Ing. Mario Padilla - SUMIFRU

  • Ing. Lianne Zoeteweij - "EL GUABO" ASSOCIATION

our collaborations

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