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Exporters Award
Banana from Ecuador

Entrada de la alfombra roja

Banana Awards

The Banano Exporter performance and sustainability award is organized by the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador (AEBE), in all its stages. AEBE represents 70% of banana exports from the number one country in banana exports worldwide (Ecuador), promoting the competitiveness and sustainability of the banana industry.

Who is it  can they participate?

The contest is aimed at all banana exporting companies that operate in Ecuador and are duly registered and registered with the regulatory and control agencies and that until the time of this call are in an active state. Therefore, any company that carries out said economic activity without restriction of size, province or operating time may participate.

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Contest Stages

From January 5 to 28

Registration Period.

Sending of documents.

From February 14 to 25

Data processing (Trade Data Lab)

From March 28 to 10

Validation of results (Deloitte)

March 11th

Announcement of winners.

March, 15th

Award event.

Mechanics  and participation requirements

Companies that wish to compete in the category of economic performance must have financial information on the portal of the SUPERINTENDENCE OF INSURANCE AND SECURITIES COMPANIES (SUPERCIAS) and trade information (SENAE) for the periods 2018-2020, in addition to being duly registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAGAP). 

The official publication of the call will include the link to the registration form. Candidates must provide the requested contact information, and must also select the categories in which they wish to participate.

The contest will be divided into two macro categories. The first will evaluate quantitative indicators with the aim of measuring the economic and financial performance of exporting companies in the sector during the 2018-2020 period. To achieve this purpose, financial and trade data sets taken from official pages such as SUPERCIAS and SENAE will be used. Participants who register in this category will not need to provide additional information to that required in the registration link.

The second category will focus on measuring the Sustainability of the sector. Participants who register in it must fill out an evaluation instrument (questionnaire) that will be sent to the institutional email they provide. The term to fill out the form will be one week (from January 13 to January 19, 2022). Once the term has expired, access to the instrument will be closed and no more responses will be accepted. Those participants who do not fully complete the form will be automatically disqualified.

Additionally, we must indicate that the companies that so wish may participate in both categories, since they are not exclusive.

Keyboard and Mouse

Nature of the prizes offered

The prizes that AEBE will award are of a symbolic nature, since they will be a recognition of the efforts made by the companies in the sector in the two proposed macro categories.

The first category dedicated to economic-financial performance

The following awards will be presented:


Export Efficiency Award


Financial Stability Award


Market Diversification Award


Award Potential Market Openings

In the first category, the highest award to be given is the

Export Performance Award

The second category focused on the sustainability of the sector will recognize each of the components of the applied instrument with mentions:


Award Sustainability mention in Fair Trade


Sustainability Award mention in Gender Equality


Sustainability Award mention in Management of sustainable actions

The award that combines the three mentions of sustainability will be:

Sustainability Award mention in Sustainable Development

Winners of

Banana Awards 2023


registration form

Awards in which he will participate:

Upon registration, you will receive an email with the forms you must fill out to formally participate in the Banana Awards.


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